Saturday, December 27, 2008

Now you see it Now you don't

The 10 year snow storm seems to have finally passed and the blue skys and warming up are in progress. I have never seen a snowman dissapear so fast in my life. Guess I am used to it being around for 3 months in Salt Lake City. Talked to an old buddy in West Jordan about getting over a foot of the white stuff and I dont miss it.

Ran 6 miles today and the better half got in twenty miles on the bike. Time to test the mtb trails for traction. It may need one more day to dry up. Next week should be nice for riding.


Team Rico said...

18 inches in Magna, come ride our sweet sleding hill

j_e said...

I'm getting a little nervous. I have a room reserved in SG Jan 1-4 in hopes of some decent weather for riding and hiking. But the forecast isn't much warmer than SLC.

Hauling the kids around ZNP in the 40s doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Neither does lounging by the hotel pool.

Melanie said... miss the snow, just admit it!

Bearonabike said...

18 inches+big driveway=bachache. Get Jana out there.

j_e. I hope you will find it nice. usually I estimate 15-20deg. Zion may be a different story, a little higher altitude. Let me know when you arrive here, we can ride.

Mel, I did miss it until I had a day of it then that was enough.

j_e said...


because the trip was 'officially' for the kids and the temps say 40s we cancelled. We decided we could do indoor activities in SLC for cheaper than staying in a hotel.

I could ride in 40s, the kids notsomuch.