Friday, January 2, 2009

Not a Dull New Year

Monday:Group family hike up to Scout Cave in a.m.
Afternoon Road ride up to Chevron on Telegraph street 35 miles.

Tuesday:Mtb Race course Green Valley with the 29er boys. Perfect singletrack conditions. down hill section was fast and soft.

Wednesday: Mtb Race course with Rico. Tire mechanicals cut our ride short.
Thursday: Off road 10k run around Bloomington hills. Ran into a little mud. Boy do shoes get heavy.

Friday: Zen trail with Rico. Trail was in great shape. I forgot how technical this trail was. You definitely have to be aggressive. Note to self to adjust seatpost to right height before ride instead of the end of the ride. This makes a huge difference when handling your bike and powering up those rocks.
Weather was at perfect temperatures all week. High 50's low 60's in the sun during midday. Gotta luvit.


Rio's Rider said...

And I was sure I saw you on your road bike coming back from the Ivans area today. I guess not...

It sure was nice to be down here riding around in decent weather. You're lucky.

Melanie said...

Yeah I am jealous of your warm temps!