Monday, July 28, 2008

Spudman Triathlon

Spudman was a blast. We loaded up the White Pearl (tent trailer) courtesy of Rico and headed up to Burley Friday afternoon. We got our usual primo spot right under the shade of the driving range within walking distance of the race start. I was off in the 2nd wave behind the elites and came out of the water ahead of most of my age group. I was solo for the whole ride except for catching and passing about five guys and being passed by 1. I was slighlty slower on the bike compared to last year and I am not sure why. It could of been that I was on a tt bike last year and a road bike this year. The run was right on target for my goal at 7:45min/mile and I finished 5:32 faster over-all compared to last year. Was I happy? Oh Yeah!! I felt like I was fast but could only pull out a 17th place of 203 in my age group. Congrats to AJ for smoking his age group for 1st place and passing me on the run and giving a few words of encouragement. Time to move up the Elite my friend!!

I am not sure if I will do this race next year or not. If I register i will regfister the wife first and me second since she was unable to get in this year race. I know she wanted to compete against her triaing partners.

On a sad note, An athlete passed away during the swim for reasons unknown. We all feel for the families and friends.


Melanie said...

I heard on the news about that guy dying..and thought "Hey I know someone doing that race"..great job!

Britt said...

Great job!!! I hope you are just so excited to start school next week. I feel sorry for you. But good job in the spud man. I am glad you beat jeff. ha ha.