Monday, July 21, 2008

Quail Creek Perfection

I took the Tarmac (now semiconverted into a tt bike) out to meet the fam at Quail Creek to do some wakeboarding, kneeboarding and wakesurfing. The conditions were unbelievable. The water was so smooth it looked like a mirror image of the sky above. We were the only boat on the lake other than a fishing boat off in the corner by the dam. The only wake we could see was the wake from our boat or the wake from one of the waterbirds swimming nearby. To top it off we finally got the boat dialed to get a bigger wake for catching air on the wakeboard. bla bla bla
Anyways, Tuesday morning will be a final swim prep for the Spudman race on Saturday. I hope to get one more run in Wednesday and then I should be good. It will be a fast course. I just hope I can go fast!!

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Britt said...

Good luck in Spud man, it will seem a lot shorter than you iron man. You got some good air on the wakeboard. Boating was fun we need to go again soon.