Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hiking the NARROWS

We ventured the Narrows Saturday with a group of friends from the wifes work. We shuttled up to the trailhead and started our journey at 7:50am. The journey entailed 16 miles io hiking and navigating the Virgin River as we followed it through 100 plus foot high sandstone walls. It required us to hike through knee to waist deep water. Half way through the hike the river started to get more difficult with bigger boulders and slippery moss. Everyone fell at least once and became completely drenched, it was just a matter of time. If it weren't for our handy walking sticks we would probably still be up there.
If you like to hike and want to see formations that most people never even know about, then go do this. If you prefer a shorter hike you can hike up the river from the bottom but you miss alot of cool stuff.

No pics of course because I cant find the camera. I will have to get some from the others.

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