Sunday, May 11, 2008


20 plus mile an hour winds greeted us as triathletes entered the water for the SGtri. Swimming into 3 foot waves made it a challenge for just your regular triathlon swim. I kept swimming and swimming and told myself I would make it. A dissapointing swim for me. As soon as I got in rhythm a wave would throw me off track again and again. I finally made it out 8 minutes longer than I was expecting. The run was mediocre as my goal was to run a 7:45 min mile and ended with an 8:24min mile. I had to pee the whole time on the run and didnt want to stop.
The swim for the 900 Sprint athletes was xld and turned into a Biathlon. The wife hammered out an awesome race averaging over 17mph on the bike and running a 7:57. min. mile. She did very well. Next week for her is the Women of Steel tri. Maybe I should be getting her the tri bike!!


j_e said...

don't take this wrong, but you made my day.

The swim being canceled makes me feel a lot less bad about cancelling my own trip to SG for the triahtlon.

When all sorts of family stuff piled up this weekend I decided to stay put instead of spending the better parts of two days on myself.

My goal was to beat last year's time by 15 minutes. That was all I wanted to do and accomplish. Now that I see it wasn't even possible, I'm not so sad about missing the event.

Bearonabike said...

j_e You still have summer games in June for half the price.
I almost wish I would have saved my 90$ and spent it on some new tires or something. Dont feel bad you missed this one. The finisher medals were the same as the one I got a year or two ago. The t-shirts....I wont comment. I feel sorry for the sprint athletes that put up all that money and settled for a road hazard biathlon. If you include this race that was partly xld and the Koko that was completley xld last year, someone pocketed mucho dinero for mediocre races.