Sunday, May 4, 2008


I made the ride out to Sand Hollow to test the water for next weeks huge triathlon. The water was definitely refreshing as I took my first few strokes out into the bay. I forgot how cold water can pierce my eardrum with pain as it enters and exits my ear canal.( reminder to put earplug in right ear) After 30 seconds with a wetsuit on it was nice. I ran the sand course shortly after. If I can run what I am capable of I should do ok in this one. The wife biked the course and timed it in 4 minutes faster than her last years race time!! Wait till race day, she may knock another minute off. I hope this Ironman training will pay off in this shorter event. Stay tuned....

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j_e said...

Thanks for the scouting report.

I hope my wetsuit does the trick. I got it for Christmas but it's still in the packaging. No need for it in the local pool during training, I guess.

I better at least try it on, right?