Friday, May 23, 2008

Schools Out For Summer!!!!!!

Time to bear down and get my last few weeks of training in. 30 days to go till IM!! 2 1/2 months off of work, hmmmm its gonna be nice.
2hrs 40 minutes of running today.... I hate running.
This weekend I will do a practice half I/M distance. Hope the weather holds.
Good luck to Rico the road racer/Mtbkr turned singlespeeder this weekend at the race Monday. It shouldnt even be close!!


Melanie said...

You are already done with school...we have a week left, all half days! Should be great! Good luck with the training! Are you guys coming up to see the FAMILY in the summer sometime?

Team Rico said...

yeahhhhH!!!! The word is out now watch em shiver