Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ahhhh The Mtn Bike.

It was nice to put the road bike away for a day and get the mtn bike out. The bro in-laws are in town so we went and shredded up and down the Zen and Bearpaw for a few hours. The weather was perfect with a slight overcast. We saw a cool snake lounging next to the trail just waiting for us to pass by. Lampropeltis g. californiae or California Kingsnake I believe.

We almost made it with no wrecks until my one bro in law just got done riding a knarly downhill section and made it out to the flat section not more than 100 yards he hit a rock throwing his handlebar into his groind taking him down for the count. 5 minutes later and with a ripped pair of cycling shorts he was back on the bike and we kept riding.

It is always good to get out on the mtn bike for a change.

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Britt said...

did you really see that snake while you were riding??? Keep up the good work!