Saturday, January 26, 2008

"It's 64 degrees and I'm riding my bike, what are you doing"?

Race Course Today
It was sweeeet!!

Thats all.


Team Rico said...


Bearonabike said...

Of course, The only mtn bikers I know live more than 250 miles away.
No, remember our two buddies in their pick-up truck on the ledge. I was looking for them but they didnt make it.
I bet you got some sun of your own on your road bike!!

Melanie said...

Jared wants to start Boys Night because I have Girls Night. I am sure my Dad loves seeing you guys..did he tell you Krista and Trent are headed down there this week?

Melanie said...

Hey Jeff has a blog now..
I have a link
VW is the name