Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Personal Record

Final time 1:41:16 at a 7:43 min/mile for the 1/2 marathon Saturday. I amazingly beat my time from 2 years ago by 6 minutes. The wife even beat her time by 6 plus minutes. Must of been the Bajio food the night before!!
I had to skip out on the bike ride with rico and aj after the race due to the babysitter pass already being used up for the day with grma. It was probably better off, who wants some amateur holdin up the elite anyways.
I took the road bike out today for a short ride to get the tight legs loose from the race yesterday. Now its time to sit back and watch the Chargers game.

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Melanie said...

Nice guys are so good for doing stuff like that and even better that you both love it. I have your name as Dutch Bear on a that not right?