Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rain or Shine Vikingman Goes On.

We arrived in Burley to cloudy skies. As the racer meeting progressed so did the rains. I kept thinking this race is not going to happen. The meeting seemed to insist it was going to take place so we planned for it. 5 am comes quick on a race morning. We drove down to Bike drop off as it was sprinkling here and there. The swim start was a mile up the river so we dropped our bike and run gear off protected under a rain poncho and headed up to the start. 90 men and women all huddled in the backyard of someones grassy yard by a boatramp waiting for the 7 am start. I was in my wetsuit so I was warm regardless if it was raining or not. The river was very calm as the start began. I swam out about 50 feet from shore which seemed to have the fastest current. It was hard to tell how fast was going but before I knew it I was at the finish exit in 29 minutes. You climb up a ladder onto a dock and run a good couple hundred yards to t1. I grabbed my stuff and entered the change tent and completely went to new clothes for the bike. I forgot how hard it was to put dry clothes on wet skin. I took forever but wanted to be warm for the ride. I started on the bike heading out on wet roads with a little rain. I forgot my shot blocks so relied mostly on my Perpetuem and water on the course. I had ups and down on the bike but seemed to be consistent. I started the run feeling good but hitting mile 8 thinking I was at mile 10 deflated me and I struggled the last few miles. I finished under my 6 hr goal and headed to the massage table. This race was just as good if not better than the races with 5 times as many people. They had the coolest trophies I have seen so far. An engraved vikingman in stone. The only complaint is the road out of t1 was riddled with a cracks every 10-20 feet. Note for next race....Go with Carbo Rocket for drink fuel.

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