Monday, March 2, 2009

Tuacahn Duathlon, More than Drama in a Red Rock Canyon

The 2nd annual Tuachan Duathlon 5k run 24 mile bike 5 k run was last Saturday. The first race of the year for me to test where I am for the pre-season. I knew it was going to be a fun day when the big guns showed up to show me how its done. It was also the first time for me to take the new tt machine out. Its much different to start out running compared to a triathlon with swimming first. You can see your competition and where you sit in the first 5 minutes where as in the water you really dont know until you are done with the swim. I started out the first mile somewhere in the sub 7 pace feeling like I was flying. I knew I was in for a tough race when 15-20 other guys were ahead of me and pulling away 6min pace. The big boys have not been hibernating during the winter thats for sure. I had to back it off a little so the engine wouldnt blow. I held my own on the bike passing a few and holding a good pace throughout the 24 miles. The last 5k the engine turned back to endurance mode and I finished 14th of 61 finishers. AJ put in a usual impressive race and finished 3rd over-all. Ricos better half did her first sprint duathlon race and finished strong. Look out Rico, you may be sharing the pain cave. The kids ran a mini race. I am not sure they knew what or why they were running but they loved it, especially getting the goodie bags at the finish.

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starting the kids out early