Monday, March 9, 2009

Record Turnout Rocks The Desert At The Desert Rampage

I dont think I have ever been to an I Cup race with so many racers. Maybe its just because its the first of the season and last year is a blurr. I decided to get a good warmup before the race and set up my trainer and rode for a good 20- 30 minutes. My Bro-inlaw pulls up and laughs at me thinking I am way too serious about this. I always hate the feeling your body gets when you don't properly warm up and your heart rate rockets from resting to 170 before you know it. It paid off and my legs and lungs were ready for the initial shock. Another perfect day for racing. The pack of 20 or so in my group started out fast as usual. By the first mile everyone settled into their spots. I sat in at around 5th or so trying to keep an eye on the 1-3 guys. Once we hit the single track uphill we were all mixed in and I couldnt tell who was who. I ended up passing Bro-inlaw somewhere in the wash. He should of been kickin my butt on his SS 29er but he said he may have been puking in the bushes when I passed him. The down hill was superfast. On my next lap my stinkin lower back was cramping on the last climb before the descent back to the finish. I pushed through it and held on to 6th or 7th. 1 minute faster than last year but 3-4 spots behind last years 3rd place finish. Funny how you improve from a year ago but it seems others also improve or someone new comes out and puts the hammer down on us. The wife bumped up to sport this year and placed a respectable 6th in her group of 15 plus. Nice Job Pear!! Next up for mtb race is the Hurricane Cholla Challenge. Not my favorite course, but its racing.
Photo from What a great job they do.


StupidBike said...

sorry i didn't get to meet you out there, will see you at Cholla for sure.

Good job.

Team Rico said...

I warm up for an hour before an MTB race, dont be afraid to get in a longer warm up and do a couple short efforts. Why show up and not take it serious, you want to do your best otherwise you don't have to race just go ride another trail. Good work

Melanie said...

Nice job to both of you!