Sunday, August 17, 2008

Zion to SG

Met up with Rico and the Caveman to shuttle them through the Zion tunnel on their 300 mile plus journey on roadbikes from SLC to St George. The family stayed up at Panguitch lake for the weekend so it was almost, almost an ideal situation to pick them up and drive them through on our way home. I blazed the remaining fifty miles with them but had to get back a little earlier than them so I went ahead at the Chevron station on Telegraph St. The heat wave was bad and the wind was starting to pick up so I was glad when I was done. Poor Rico has to drive back for 4 hrs to SLC now which he just spent 3 days riding his bike to get here.
Cant wait to go back to the lake sometime soon.


Melanie said...

How did you like Panguitch Lake? We have a good time when we go there away from everyone!

Bearonabike said...

It was nice to get up in the mountains and hang out by the campfire. I hope we get invited to go again.