Saturday, August 23, 2008

Suckered into Fantasy Football

I spent 2 hours of my biking and family time sitting in a room drafting a fantasy football team with 15 other friends today. We were only through half the draft and I had to get out of there. It should be fun, or just an excuse to watch 10 football games every Sunday.

We are headed out to Sand Hollow to ride the Tri course. I have to see how long this bike course will take and try to beat it on race day. Schmoelka is getting faster with her new Giant.
Should I race the Ogden Valley Tri the week before?


Britt said...

I am glad I am in your class this year, it is going to be fun. Good luck with your fantasy football.

Melanie said...

My brother and Dad are both doing Fantasy football as well..that should be fun!

Shell said...

I can't believe I made your blog, I feel honored. Now they changed the course we have to get out there and do it again!