Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's next? R&R in Carlesbad

We took a week, rented a 15 pass van and drove to the beautiful coast of Carlesbad for some days on the beach. We stayed again at the Surf Motel across the street from the beach, I decided to take the bike and get a few miles in. It is pretty fun to ride along the coast at sealevel with the ocean within reach. We spent one of the days at Legoland for the littles which they had a ton of fun at. I had no idea it was a huge park similar to that of Disney but on a smaller scale and specifically for children under 5.
We ate some good food at Maria Pollos, Knockout burgers and of course Cold Stone for desserts.
Pics to come shortly.


Britt said...

That was a way fun trip!!! We need to do it again next year!

Team Rico said...

we are planning on one day in San Diego during our trip in late Sept, let me know where we should go. Thinkin Sea World