Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Final Week to Ironman

5 days to go and my mind is abuzz with anxiety as the big race nears. I cant wait!!
I found out you can track an athletes progress during the race at Ironman.com. Check it out if your bored Sunday!!

Summer Games Triathlon was last week!! I sat it out and cheered the wife to a Bronze medal in her age division. She was fast. My brother finished well considering he has been dealing with bone spurs in his neck and no feeling in his left arm.


Melanie said...

Good luck in your final week of training..we all went to dinner last night for Grandma's B-day and missed you guys..Iggys was great!

Team Rico said...

Good Luck! I'll be checking up on you Sunday. Ohhh and your CRAZY!

Britt said...

Good Luck in the iron man. I am so excited i can track how you are doing during the race. You are going to do great! Have fun!