Sunday, April 13, 2008

40$ mtn bike ride.

I decided at the last minute to register for the Cholla Challenge, I pre rode the course the week before and told my self I would not do it. It was a good course up until 7 miles into the course when you navigate through sand wash after sand wash. I decided to do it anyways feeling I would regret watching it from the sidelines.
The race started out ok as I was in second place leading the pack out for the first 3 miles. The first place guy was gone gaining miles ahead of all of us and probably should not of been riding in the sport group. Soon after mile 4 I faded back a few spots and just tried to keep the leaders in sight. As the first loop was about to finish with abour 1000 yds to go I came out of a gravel wash with a flat front tire. I pulled off to fix it and rider after rider passed by and I soon told myself it was over. I debated to toss the towel in since I was at the beginning of the second loop but I thought I just as well get a ride out of the day and try not to take last. I caught a few guys and still finished. The wife put in a great race and finished 2nd. She had first and lead the whole race but got caught and passed the last mile to the finish. She was mad!!

I still needed to get my swim so we took the kids to the pool and put in 1000 yds in the pool.


Melanie said...

Glad you have the pool so close that you can go and exercise at! Tell you wife good job!

Team Rico said...

still cheaper than a tri ride

Anonymous said...

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Melanie said...

tv de plasma is a virus..don't open it.