Saturday, March 8, 2008

Podium for two please

After a much anticipated wait for the racing season, the first Mtn Bike race of the intermountaincup arrived. The wife took a first place victory in her division and I pulled out a 3rd place victory myself.
The Triathlon training for me is coming along well and it definitely is a good way to avoid getting too bored from just doing one sport all the time.

Does walking around Disneyland count as part of my training?


Melanie said...

Good job to you and your wife :)
When are you going to Disneyland? That sounds like fun, we are going in Feburary (next year)

Team Rico said...


Bearonabike said...

When I win or win by 8 minutes I will move up!!

Team Rico said...

you wanna get faster or do you just want to win, sounds like you just want to win

Team Rico said...

sorry, Im just bitter cause I cant ride...outside

Bearonabike said...

OUCH Rico!!

This is my first podium finish with this group. I will race with the experts someday....someday.