Monday, October 15, 2007

Carlesbad Cali!!

I'll be back again!!

To Carlesbad that is. This is my 2nd time to Carlesbad. The first time was for a guys only family trip last year for the lack-luster performance of Utah vs UCLA football game. So this year I decided to take the wife and kids. Where do I start with the highlights?

Vegged out on the clean sandy beach with perfect boogie boarding waves.

Watched awesome sunsets with the family.

Drooled over wave after wave of road cyclists as they cruised by our hotel in groups of 10-20 every 2-3 minutes. (Where did they all come from, I have never seen this many).

Actually took my bike out and put some miles in as well on the new Tarmac. !!! No wonder everyone rides out here. Riding along the coast is pretty cool!

Collected seashells with the wife and kids.

Built sandcastles with the kids and destroyed them.

Ate awesome pizza from the Pizza Port. (Or as wife would say "Pick-up a date port")

Excellent Mexican place called Pollo's Maria.

Visited the Wild Animal Park!! Kids loved the animal merry-go-round. Lions were cool. No crowds.

Rode my bike some more along the coast. Realized I was riding with a group that were riding in the MS150.

Watched Fletch in the hotel room.

Stayed across the street form the beach in a 2 star hotel with a 4 star location, staff and breakfast. Surf Motel!!
Avoided all heavy traffic driving home.
Yeah plans for next spriing are in the works!!


Melanie said...

Sound like you guys had a great trip! I have never been there before, it sounds like fun..we need a trip!

UtRider said...

Yeah, Carlsbad/Oceanside pretty much rule as far as the beach goes. Did you spend any time in La Jolla? That place is fun too. It has rained every single Saturday since we returned from our vacation on 9/23. Hopefully you don't suffer the same fate! Next time I'm going to bring a bike with me.

Bearonabike said...

We did not go down to La Jolla. I did take my bike out that way but turned around before I got too far from our hotel. The beaches are great. The waves were perfect for the surf.
It rained for a while one night but by morning it cleared up. I was amazed at how many cyclist ride along the coast. I would definitely recommend you take your bike next time.
If you are ever down South send me a note and we can ride!!