Wednesday, October 10, 2007

50!! Years Young. Something to Look Forward to.

It may be 16 years away, but turning 50 may not be so bad. In October it means you can compete against the fiercest, fastest, quickest and friendliest seniors in the world. The events include: cycling, mtn biking, triathlon and even one of my talented secrets: ping pong!!
For the next two weeks, SG will be home to 10,000 athletes from around the world. I plan on attending some volleyball matches and may try to get some pointers by watching some ping pong. They even have a road bike criterium race right off of Bluff street. Here are a few pics from the opening ceremonies and more to come!! Meanwhile I will be relaxing on the beach in Cali. Enjoy!!

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Melanie said...

Where are you going in california? I am jealous!!Jared still need to check on your tires..I think he forgot!