Sunday, September 2, 2007

"I like Running 1/2 marathons"? Add this one to the "Have to do List".

Did I just say what I thought I said?
Mother nature welcomed us as we arrived at the shuttle bus parking lot just before sunrise on Saturday morn. A quick 5 minute lightning storm and downpour showcased as if it were part of a pre race show. Lucky we were still sheltered in our car and avoided becoming drenched. Soon it passed as the sunrose and the SG weather bubble prevailed with blue sky.
We arrived by shuttle at the start line and all filed off like school children getting off at their bus stop. Bus after bus arrived and soon more than 200 people that enjoy this running thing arrived to kick our butts.
The wife and I decided to run together for the first 5k and then the race was on from their. Mile by mile flew by and so did the scenery. The body was feeling good at 4 miles in and I decided to kick it up a notch. Knowing I still needed to pace myself to survive 9 more miles, mile by mile seemed like minute by minute. Before I knew it mile 12 and 13 were near and I could see the last turn to the finish. My goal was to beat 2hrs. At mile 12 I knew I had it beat but decided to keep my same pace going to see if I could beat 1:50:00. I crossed the line at 1:49:33 and a 10th place in age group. Not far behind was the wifey at 1:57:50 beating her 2 hr goal and a 7th place spot for her. This one will go on the "Have to do" 1/2 marathon lists. The route also makes a top list for scenic beauty.
Hmmm my legs are sore!! Time for a recovery ride.

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