Monday, September 24, 2007

Burst my Bubble

The St George Bubble couldn't hold off the rains this Saturday as we started our swim in Sand Hollow for the long anticipated 40 minute delay of the Kokopelli Triathlon. All was well with just a gentle breeze from the south and the bubble doing its job holding the clouds at bay to the west. I knew the rains had arrived as every breathe I took had the smell of summertime rain in the air. Some 30 plus minutes later I came out of the water and sprinted as fast as I could up the ramp. I slowed to many dissapointed and confused looks on everyones face as they were all in a hold positon waiting for the rain to subside or stop. The rain didnt bother me since I was already soaked from the swim. 5 minutes later as I was ready to go on the bike, they announce the race is cancelled. The excitment turned off like a light switch and everyone packed up and left in a record time to get home and get dry.
Sunday I got out on the single track with Rico blazin the Stucci Springs trail. One of the best trails in Utah I would say.
Later today I realized I dont have any races planned in the near future, other than the century tour of SG. I better get ridin again!!

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Melanie said...

Thanks for the Birthday wish..I think for now I will leave the triathlons to you! You do such a great job at it. I am glad you love doing it!