Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eureka! Eureka!!

We took advantage of the Mesquite spa getaway package at the Oasis while Grandma offered to babysit. I was lucky to escape those casinos with-out losing the bank. The best part was relaxing and playing golf. Many roads up and around Mesquite are brand new with all the homes going in. They actually looked fun to ride. I wished I would of toted my road bike down for some early work-outs. The only work-out I got was shoveling food and throwing away chips trying to get a little ball to fall on # 17. Excellent Mexican joint in Mesquite called "Los Lupes" just off the main drag. Muy Muy Bueno food!!
Next time I plan on riding the back road over Utah hill and meet the family at the resort. Maybe Rico will join me on this ride. The wives and kids can reserve us a spot by the pool.

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