Sunday, July 5, 2009


Set out early this morning for the Hurricane ride. Rode with the Bro in-laws who I call Juan de Niner and King Hype. 21 miles of sweet trail riding. As usual they pinned it from the get-go. I was tempted to go out hard on the first mile and chase them down but remembered to leave some in the tank for the last 5 miles of this ride climbing out. So I kept it under 160 and just plugged along. Trail was in great shape as long as you stay on it as King found out by hitting some loose stuff. This ride makes you feel like you are on a slalom course with fast singletrack right then left then right then left. Reaching the final overlook where the bathroom is located I felt pretty good going into the last 4 miles(was it the Carbo Rocket?). We arrived back just as the heat was starting to set in.
I'm trying to figure out where the 25 hour race is going to be. I would like to ride it.
Its about time to charge the light and ge some evening rides in.

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