Sunday, April 5, 2009

Double Snake-Bite Spoils The Show

I wasn't sure If I was going to race the Cholla this year since last years course was not the best or funnest course in the series in my opinion. But a change in the course for this year with a picture perfect day convinced me. I was not expecting much of a great performance since the last week I was up and down with soreness in my throat.
Turns out I was sitting 4th going into lap 2 with a few miles to go to the finish. But a sharp imbedded rock had other plans for my tires as I came out of a steep descent that abrubtly shot back up. I started to change my rear tire when a weezing sound started out of my front. (great, two flats). Funny thing is, with-in a few minutes while I was sitting there, 4 others hit that same spot and the same result. I fixed the flats with 1 1/2 co2 worth of air pressure and I jumped back on the trail knowing I would probably be last. I slumbered back deciding to dnf or just finish. I decided to finish. Great course this year. I will have to remember that spot for next time. Rico had a good race with the experts and the bro-in-law dnf'd with a flat in the same spot as me. I felt like I had left a great movie with a horrible ending.

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meri said...

at least you did it. I was jealous of you guys out there!!