Monday, January 19, 2009


What a great week and weekend. Thursday and Friday I was experiencing symptoms of the onset of a cold. I was hoping it would subside so I could still run in Saturdays 1/2 marathon. I was challenged by the wife so I could not sit this one out. I felt fine Saturday morning and with perfect weather for a race we were on our way with hundreds of other people. I finished 3 minutes behind my personal best and the Pearball came in 3 minutes after me. I talked with Dantley Young "a Tri genius" about upcoming races and also chatted with the inspiring Stan and Marti Davis family at the finish line.
I thought the rest of the day I would take it easy but for some insane reason Rico and I decided to go ride 2 1/2 hours all over the best single track in SG. I chased him around Bearpaw to Barrel to Race course to Zen. Not much of a recovery time for me. Heck I just as well of added a swim that afternoon but I had enough. I now have been walking like frankenstein up and down stairs due to knots in every muscle of my right and left legs. The flu/cold has hit me hard on Monday morning and I have been dragging today. Time to recoop

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