Sunday, December 7, 2008

Had To Break Out The Layers

Sweet day of riding in the sun on Saturday with a quick jaunt around Sun River. Met up with a new crew that calls themselves the "Sunday Riders". Then over to Dickins Festival to meet up with the family for lunch. Well I got out of that place without spending a penny, well except for a 1$ drink and some food for the little ones. Alot of cool stuff in there.
Sunday morning ride had to break out the arm warmers and knee warmers. Met up with the group for the Veyo Loop. I had to turn back at Gunlock to make it to Church in time looks like they are dredging that lake. A little chilly on the 8 mile descent down that canyon. Yes I know, riding on Sunday and going to Church?Yes.

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meri said...

We should've biked yesterday. everyone is predicting 4 days of cold and rain/snow. You getting worried about painter's yet? you should be, I'm back on my training schedule and getting faster every day. he he he