Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blazing Saddles S to S (Santaquin to Springdale)

Our 2 day 195 mile bike trip turned out to be quite the adventure. Day one started in Santaquin at 5am and ended in Panguitch many many hours later. We had to battle 30mph headwinds at times which made our speed slow way down. We had an awesome support crew that met us with drinks and goodies every 20 miles or so. Day two was pretty nice. The first group left early to get a head start and I waited for the bro-inlaw to join us who drove in from Lehi early this morning. The scenery was amazing as the road snaked along the Sevier river. As the bro-inlaw and I started our climb out of Mt Carmel he had a little accident when he was following to close and clipped my rear tire. As soon as I felt my rear tire get nudged I knew it wasnt good. I heard the bike crash over and looked back to see him holding his elbow in pain. We continued on and eventually caught the other group. Luckily our support crew was near and he got bandaged up. We were so close to Zion that we continued on and finished our ride in Springdale.

Here are some pics..

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Britt said...

Hey, Jeff was really glad you stayed behind with him so he would have someone to ride with. I loved that pic of you and those two cowboys that were "Real" haha. Keep up the good work, You are doing great. Best of luck in the iron man.