Sunday, December 2, 2007

And the desert shall soak up the rains!!

After 6-8 hours of much needed rain in the desert, the coast was clear for the Poppy Trail. I even signed in on the new visitor log they have at the entrance. 90% of the people signed in were here to mtn bike. I just never see them. They better add some more pages for me. I did have to start out with my arm warmers but soon after starting they did their job and were not needed until the downhill.
I bet the race course would have been fun as well with the rock wash full of water.
I'll probably head over their Monday or Tuesday and try a few laps before dark.
I gotta make a Christmas list. If anyone reads this blog tell me your #1 Christmas wish?


Melanie said...

Maybe it was just your dogs...I don't like dogs that I don't know very well that is for sure and I wouldn't like to meet one on the street! And we might be getting another lab..maybe we will be like you guys and have two dogs and then the kids :)
My #1 christmas wish is a Dyson Vaccum. (but I am getting a Roomba vaccum from Jared's mom)

Team Rico said...

World Peace and a 50" Plasma

Rio's Rider said...

I'm glad to have found your blog...I enjoy seeing the sights of St. George. I miss it down there, especially at this time of year.

My #1 Christmas item: Cross bike, Baby!

Oh, and a million dollars.

(From a (former)fellow Southern Utahn.) :-)

Britt said...

Hey Rich!
My #1 christmas item is: guitar hero 3! Talk to ya later

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

2 months off so i can rip the bear claw poppy and not worry about work.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i'll be down on the 18th for a few weeks of desert riding.

Melanie said...

Did you move yet? Are you coming up the 16th? We will be in Mexico so we will miss you guys! Have a great time.